Once Upon a Time Photobook

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"Peek behind the curtain of your favourite fairy tale series with this beautiful compilation of exclusive behind-the-scenes photographs taken by photographer Craig Clarke. With his keen eye and knack for being in the right place at the right time, Craig brings you a wonderful glimpse of life on the set of Once Upon a Time. For Craig, working on this show with such an amazing cast and crew was like working with a second family - and now he shares his family album with you".

- Keegan Connor Tracy


Once Upon a Time was a show that touched the hearts and lives of people around the world. A show filled with magic, wonder and romance, it spoke to the part of all of us that was enchanted by the fairy tales of our childhood. Fans throughout the realm loved the characters and the ways in which the cast brought their favourite stories to life with fantastic costumes and wondrous tales of love, hope, bravery, and - of course - magic.

"It was a magical ride, with such an amazing cast and crew that I am honoured to call my second family".
Craig Clarke


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