PhotoBook Update #9

Blurb Has emailed me with a brief schedule update: 
(cut and paste from email)

"The additional information I just received from production is that printing and binding will occur up until Sept. 24. The week of Sept 24 they will begin processing each book for drop shipping, meaning the will individually package and label the books based on your list with an estimated ship out date of Oct 1. 
I'm sorry you are feeling as if we are stalling. The offset turnaround time of 7-10 weeks was clearly communicated multiple times. We are still within that timeframe based on the production schedule. In addition, I have communicated to you that we are doing our best to speed things along for you, but we also need to make sure your books look top notch without sacrificing quality."

As you can see Blurb and myself are doing everything we can to get this print order complete, unfortunately large scale offset printing takes time.
I have asked Blurb for clarification that books would begin shipping on the week of the 24th and  they replied with "that is the plan" :)

**** Good news! 100 more books will be going up for sale directly from the Blurb website SOON! Ill keep you posted as to when and cost.

Thanks again for hanging in there and being so patient