PhotoBook Update #12

Well I am happy to say that shipments are going out, you will be getting tracking numbers sent out from UPS and USPS at first. As soon as I can get a list from Blurb I will also send out a final delivery notice with the tracking numbers for your shipments. Still unsure why I have not received the list yet when shipments are going out…. confusing. hmmmm.

Looking ahead~ A limited number of books approx. 100 will be up for grabs very soon! Good news is delivery will be instant on this last number of books :) I am also in the final stages of setting up a new printing supplier other than Blurb :) for Stills. Last but not least there will also be an Ebook version of the Photobook up for sale / direct download soon!

Thank you everyone for all your patience and support as I struggle with getting blurb to deliver on what we paid for. It is a relief that they are finally shipping~! I have not seen a final copy of the book yet! AAAAAAAGH!

Not long yet Dearies… :)

Thanks again!!!!!