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Yesterday and today I am getting tagged in stories of people in the US receiving their books, from what I can see the books are being scanned when they reach the destination city which is the same day they are delivered. Everyone seems to be arriving home to a surprise in the mailbox :) not planned this way but it’s working out for some shocking stories involving tears and thank you’s. The reason why you are not seeing movement on the tracking is because USPS for some reason did not scan the books at pickup the second time. I have no idea why or how this happened.

I have been told repeatedly that all books are at USPS and out for shipment by Melissa Decker at Blurb. Should anyone want to enquire about the shipment of their order I would direct you to Melissa @ Please include me in the email so that I can follow up with her.

US Shipments

Blurb as assured me that all the book are in the hands of USPS, for some reason they were not scanned at pickup the second time, which is why some of you are seeing no movement on their order.

I am expecting all the books to be delivered by the end of this week, however I have no control of USPS. Hang in there~!

US Shipments

Here is the latest word from blurb

OCT 11. 12:30

It has been confirmed again that the books are in Minneapolis. The local post master indicated the mail volume on-site will dictate when they get to it. At this point we are at the mercy of USPS's sorting/processing hierarchy now. I am digging for more info on where the books stand in this process and will let you know more updates as soon as possible.

at this point I can only apologize for the delay, only the US shipments have this issue, international orders around the world have already received their book via UPS. I know this doesn’t help but I can only ask that you be a little more patient, everyone who ordered will receive their copy.

USPS shipments status update

I just received this update from blurb…

The latest on the USPS books:

According to the Postmaster General in Brainerd, MN the books left for Minneapolis yesterday (Tuesday) due to the US holiday on Monday. He indicated all packages will be scanned from Minneapolis to their destination, so it seems to me we will see movement starting tomorrow. I'll continue checking on the status of these shipments and will provide any new information as soon as possible.

So although your tracking says not picked up it seems that they have indeed all been picked up and are currently on the way…. you should start to see movement on your tracking numbers tomorrow.

Sorry for this delay it has been very frustrating for all of us.

Hopefully the last PhotoBook Update

I just sent out a mass email to all the US customers with the tracking numbers for their shipments. Please let me know if you did not receive a tracking number or if there is any problems with your order.

As soon as I get final numbers as to how many books are remaining I will put them back up for grabs with everyone who emailed me getting the first crack at them.

I just want to thank you so much for all your patience as we get the book delivered to everyone. I really do hope you enjoy the memories.

PhotoBook Update

I just got off the phone with BLurb and it seems that there is an error with ALL the US shipments. Long story short the labels on the books lack the required weight information and they all have to go back for relabel and resend. I am told the books will be going back out ASAP. i can only apologize at this stage for Blurb, they are doing everything they can to fix this and have assured me that everyone who ordered will receive a copy.

International shipments (outside of the US) were not effected, those have all been sent out and you should have received a tracking number from UPS, if not then email me and I can send this info to you.

questions about your order please email me.

PhotoBook Update #12

Well I am happy to say that shipments are going out, you will be getting tracking numbers sent out from UPS and USPS at first. As soon as I can get a list from Blurb I will also send out a final delivery notice with the tracking numbers for your shipments. Still unsure why I have not received the list yet when shipments are going out…. confusing. hmmmm.

Looking ahead~ A limited number of books approx. 100 will be up for grabs very soon! Good news is delivery will be instant on this last number of books :) I am also in the final stages of setting up a new printing supplier other than Blurb :) for Stills. Last but not least there will also be an Ebook version of the Photobook up for sale / direct download soon!

Thank you everyone for all your patience and support as I struggle with getting blurb to deliver on what we paid for. It is a relief that they are finally shipping~! I have not seen a final copy of the book yet! AAAAAAAGH!

Not long yet Dearies… :)

Thanks again!!!!!

PhotoBook Update #11

I just finished speaking with Blurb and it looks like all the books will be going out on Oct. 1 !!! Only a few more days!! Sadly they do not ship as they assemble, they get all the books printed then move them in one large bundle to be shipped. I have been assured all purchased books will be leaving blurb on Oct. 1.

Unfortunately Blurb does not have a method of emailing tracking numbers so I will be personally taking on the task of getting everyone tracking numbers (wish me luck:) HA! I kid, I am told I will receive the tracking number list late Monday early Tuesday AM.

Thank you to everyone that purchased a copy and most of all i thank you for your patience!

PhotoBook Update #10

Not much of an update other than to say printing is underway and assembly will be starting next week! Shipments will start to go out starting the 24th! Only a few more weeks left.

Please note!!!
Friday September the 14th is the last day that we will be accepting change of address requests.

After the 14th it will be upto you and your local post office to get the package re-routed to your new address.

Sorry but we need to lock this down and get all the shipping finalized.

PhotoBook Update #9

Blurb Has emailed me with a brief schedule update: 
(cut and paste from email)

"The additional information I just received from production is that printing and binding will occur up until Sept. 24. The week of Sept 24 they will begin processing each book for drop shipping, meaning the will individually package and label the books based on your list with an estimated ship out date of Oct 1. 
I'm sorry you are feeling as if we are stalling. The offset turnaround time of 7-10 weeks was clearly communicated multiple times. We are still within that timeframe based on the production schedule. In addition, I have communicated to you that we are doing our best to speed things along for you, but we also need to make sure your books look top notch without sacrificing quality."

As you can see Blurb and myself are doing everything we can to get this print order complete, unfortunately large scale offset printing takes time.
I have asked Blurb for clarification that books would begin shipping on the week of the 24th and  they replied with "that is the plan" :)

**** Good news! 100 more books will be going up for sale directly from the Blurb website SOON! Ill keep you posted as to when and cost.

Thanks again for hanging in there and being so patient


PhotoBook Update #8


I just received a package from and I am happy to report the Cover Art proof has arrived! And I have approved and sent back for printing to start~!

Next step is to receive the delivery and production schedule from Blurb that I will share with everyone to be as transparent about this process.  

Blurb has been paid and the proofs of the book have been approved! All that is left now is print, assemble and drop shipments~! It's getting close!! I can not wait until I can get my hands on an actual book! 


PhotoBook update #7


I received the Proofs from Blurb only to find out that I had sent them a low res book file to them in error :(  Needless to say I have uploaded a new file and they quickly turned around another set of proofs that I am happy to report look great! I have approved the print and printing will begin very soon! Shipments should start going out Mid September and finish the end of September. Blurb is doing everything they can to speed up the process and I am confident that they will deliver! 

I can not say enough good things about, Melissa and Tiffany have really taken care of me and helped me with everything along the way! I cant wait to see the book assembled! 

I have also been asked if the book will be going back up for sale, the answer is yes however I would like to get the printing started first for those who ordered early.


PhotoBook Update #6

So I received an email from today :) here it is~

We have shipped out your proofs
Included in this package:

  • 1 set pagination proofs for content and pagination approval only
  • 1 set color proofs for color approval only
  • 1 set color proofs of the cover without a lamination (matte lamination will have a slight effect on the final look of the cover)
  • 1 proof approval form + return label

Let me know if you have any questions as you look through these proofs. If they are approved, we'll need you to fill out the proof approval form and send the proofs back to us as they are used as a reference point during production. You can use the included shipping return label to mail everything back.

I will take pics so you can all see !!! STAY TUNED!!! printing Update #5

I have not had anything to update you with until today when I received this email from blurb:

Hope you are well. We are expecting to have your proofs at our office by tomorrow. We will review them on our end and will then ship them out to you for a estimated delivery of Tuesday, Aug. 7. I'll keep you posted on that".

"Stay Tuned!!! I will post images of the proofs when I get my hands on them! Thanks for taking this Journey with me! I am doing everything I can to lite a fire under blurb to get this moving faster.

For everyone that is asking The target to finish drop shipment of all orders by the end of September.

Print Order SENT!!! Update #4

Happy to report that the book has been sent to the printer~! next step is receiving a proof to approve in the next 10 days and I will post images so you can see what the book will look like.   

The printing and shipping process will take 6-10 weeks. I am working closely with to speed this up so keep checking this blog for the latest information regarding your book order.


PhotoBook Update #3

BTS PhotoBook

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Happy Monday~! day 3 of the photobook sale! Sale ends July 12!!

Todays updates: Mexico shipping costs have been added to the checkout and included good old blue eyes to the book ;) Getting a quote from printer to see the price for adding blank pages and a couple of extra photo pages as a thank you for being an early adopter~! fingers crossed they don't quote this like the shipping charges! 

Anything you can do to help get the word out will be appreciated :) I have had a few amazing people contact me to let me know they had posted about the photobook on facebook groups!! This OUAT community is something special i tell you!

Thank you to everyone that has ordered and for those of you that haven't.... you're missing out if you don't take advantage of this 2 week sale price!



PhotoBook Update #2

BTS PhotoBook

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Orders are trickling in now however it would always be better to get some more :) I am sure that this will be a collectors item for all OUAT fans to enjoy. 

I have been getting emails regarding shipping costs. All books will be sent from out of the US. The shipping costs I have been quoted have been passed on to you without markup. Sorry but that cost is completely out of my control. So to try and offset that I have made the book available at a reduced rate..

NOTE This is a 2 week sale price only, interest in this project will determine if this is still made available after June 12. 2018. after this date if sold the book will be priced at a single print rate and not at the current reduced rate.

BTS PhotoBook launch

Happy to announce that the photobook is up and available finally!! it has been a long ride for sure! Having spent over 200 hours searching and re-editing images! Setting up the site using SquareSpace was simple and fortunately some friends helped out with proof reading and design assistance! 

next 2 weeks waiting to hit the goal for offset printing are going to be exciting! 

OUAT PhotoBook

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