PhotoBook Update #6

So I received an email from today :) here it is~

We have shipped out your proofs
Included in this package:

  • 1 set pagination proofs for content and pagination approval only
  • 1 set color proofs for color approval only
  • 1 set color proofs of the cover without a lamination (matte lamination will have a slight effect on the final look of the cover)
  • 1 proof approval form + return label

Let me know if you have any questions as you look through these proofs. If they are approved, we'll need you to fill out the proof approval form and send the proofs back to us as they are used as a reference point during production. You can use the included shipping return label to mail everything back.

I will take pics so you can all see !!! STAY TUNED!!! printing Update #5

I have not had anything to update you with until today when I received this email from blurb:

Hope you are well. We are expecting to have your proofs at our office by tomorrow. We will review them on our end and will then ship them out to you for a estimated delivery of Tuesday, Aug. 7. I'll keep you posted on that".

"Stay Tuned!!! I will post images of the proofs when I get my hands on them! Thanks for taking this Journey with me! I am doing everything I can to lite a fire under blurb to get this moving faster.

For everyone that is asking The target to finish drop shipment of all orders by the end of September.

Print Order SENT!!! Update #4

Happy to report that the book has been sent to the printer~! next step is receiving a proof to approve in the next 10 days and I will post images so you can see what the book will look like.   

The printing and shipping process will take 6-10 weeks. I am working closely with to speed this up so keep checking this blog for the latest information regarding your book order.


PhotoBook Update #3

BTS PhotoBook

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Happy Monday~! day 3 of the photobook sale! Sale ends July 12!!

Todays updates: Mexico shipping costs have been added to the checkout and included good old blue eyes to the book ;) Getting a quote from printer to see the price for adding blank pages and a couple of extra photo pages as a thank you for being an early adopter~! fingers crossed they don't quote this like the shipping charges! 

Anything you can do to help get the word out will be appreciated :) I have had a few amazing people contact me to let me know they had posted about the photobook on facebook groups!! This OUAT community is something special i tell you!

Thank you to everyone that has ordered and for those of you that haven't.... you're missing out if you don't take advantage of this 2 week sale price!



PhotoBook Update #2

BTS PhotoBook

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Orders are trickling in now however it would always be better to get some more :) I am sure that this will be a collectors item for all OUAT fans to enjoy. 

I have been getting emails regarding shipping costs. All books will be sent from out of the US. The shipping costs I have been quoted have been passed on to you without markup. Sorry but that cost is completely out of my control. So to try and offset that I have made the book available at a reduced rate..

NOTE This is a 2 week sale price only, interest in this project will determine if this is still made available after June 12. 2018. after this date if sold the book will be priced at a single print rate and not at the current reduced rate.

BTS PhotoBook launch

Happy to announce that the photobook is up and available finally!! it has been a long ride for sure! Having spent over 200 hours searching and re-editing images! Setting up the site using SquareSpace was simple and fortunately some friends helped out with proof reading and design assistance! 

next 2 weeks waiting to hit the goal for offset printing are going to be exciting! 

OUAT PhotoBook

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